Driving Understanding: CMHAA ‘Thriving from the Start’ Early in Career Program

Early in Career: Thinking Differently

Informed by research and modelled on the CMHA UK program, ‘Thriving from the Start’ our mission is to understand the concerns and challenges young people face as they enter the workforce and commence their careers.

We will do this by:

- Challenging mental health stigma and understanding early in career (EIC) perspectives, concerns and experiences relating to mental health and wellbeing as they enter the workforce.

- Making sure the voice of early in career employees is heard through the formation of an EIC committee with EIC representatives from CMHAA member organisations.

- Offering peer support by building a Thriving from the Start network, run by EIC employees, for EIC employees, offering networking, communications and educational events to early in career employees.

- Transforming business and creating best practice on delivering support to young, early in career workers.

Early in Career Event: Imposter Syndrome

The Thriving from the Start Network held their first official event on 28 April – Feeling like a Fraud? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Hosted by a member of our Early in Career Committee, the Event featured panellists Hugh Kearns, public speaker, educator and researcher at Flinders University and Tiffany Wright, Director of Education, Microsoft Australia.

Through a combination of scientific evidence and lived experience the speakers explored what Imposter Syndrome looks and feels like, why it occurs, how it can manifest and ways to move past it.

Hugh’s 6 practical strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome were a particular standout, namely:

  1. Imposter feelings are normal - most people will occasionally feel like an imposter, especially in new situations

  2. Mind your language - don’t discount your achievements. Just say “Thank you”

  3. Create a fact file and a brag file that contains evidence about your achievements

  4. Set objective standards - don’t move the goalposts after the event

  5. Get used to your imposter feelings - they don’t go away but you get used to them

  6. Be brave and take action

    To learn more, you can access the recording of the Event below.

This phenomenon of capable people being plagued by self-doubt has a name - the Imposter Syndrome

Sheryl Sandberg

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Who is the CMHA Thriving from The Start Network for?

If you are a graduate, intern, apprentice or school leaver or in the first eight years of your career and have an interest in learning more about mental health in the workplace. The Network is run by a committee of volunteers, also in their early careers, who are committed to building mentally healthy workplaces. It was established, and continues to be part of, the CMHAA’s Early in Careers Programme. To join and receive updates on news and events please email: earlycareer@cmhaa.org.au