FACTSHEET: Risky Drinking for Workplaces - Why does it Matter?


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As we head into the holiday season (or any time there is cause for celebrations) this is a great opportunity to think about the impact of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in the workplace.

According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, one in 20 Australian workers have acknowledged to working under the influence of alcohol at some point in their career. Alcohol use contributes to 11% of workplace accidents and injuries. And alcohol-related time off work costs companies around $2 billion each year. The same source also states that about a third of Australian workers have experienced negative effects from a colleague’s use of alcohol. This includes being involved in an accident or close call, reduced ability to do their job, having to work extra hours to cover for a co-worker, and a co-worker taking one or more days off work1. Reducing alcohol use in the workplace and providing staff with education can support worker safety and reduce the impact of AOD on the work environment.

Read our Factsheet for more information.

FACTSHEET: Risky Drinking for Workplaces – Why does it Matter?

We would like to thank SMART Recovery Australia and Clean Slate Clinic for assisting in the compilation of this factsheet.