RESEARCH: Leading Mentally Healthy Workplaces Survey Report 2023


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CMHAA are delighted to share the inaugural Leading Mentally Healthy Workplace Survey Report 2023. The report was conducted by WTW on our behalf and surveyed nearly 8,000 employees between August and December 2022.

The key themes emerging from the data are:

  • Burnout was highly prevalent (44%). The analysis identified that burnout was significantly predicted by the degree to which employees had positive emotional and mental experiences at work, control over work and changes at work and emotional and financial stressors outside of work. Read the report to find out what organisations could be focusing on to tackle burnout.
  • Overall, employees were positive about the availability of support for mental health from their organisation (78%) and that they felt mental health of people was valued by their organisations (73%) and managers (71%).

Outside of work, the most common life stressors reported included concerns about their own mental health (37%), their financial situation (33%) and family/relationship issues (30%).

CMHAA Leading Mentally Healthy Workplaces Survey Report 2023