Global Thriving at Work Framework

New framework lays out first global standard for mental health in the workplace.

Published Mon, Nov 2, 2020

The City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA) has launched the Global Thriving at Work Framework, the first resource of its kind to set standards for global workplace mental health, and will guide multi-national businesses to build workplaces that support the positive mental health of their people.

The Framework lays out three Pillars, which are strategic aims, that global organisations should work towards achieving in order to build a mentally healthy organisation. These three pillars provide businesses with a template for building a sustainable global mental health strategy, and are underpinned by evidence-based recommendations, including practical suggestions based on real business experience. These relate to areas such as challenging mental health stigma, people management and ways of working, and can be applied to different organisations, cultures, and industries.

The Pillars are:

Global Thriving at Work Framework

As we face a global mental health crisis, every business has to be radical and relentless in its expectation of itself to support the mental health of its people. It is not just the right thing to do, it is key to building a sustainable business. A business where your people can stay well and thrive, even in challenging times. One where people want to stay and where people want to join. A business which is a good corporate citizen, an increasingly important measure for all stakeholders, including investors.

Poppy Jaman, CEO, City Mental Health Alliance

News & Views Nov 02, 2020

Poppy Jaman on the launch of CMHA's Global Thriving at Work Framework

Focus Improving workplace culture

“Over recent years we have seen a growing number of multinationals commit, or take steps to, support the mental health of their people across the world. The CMHA is sharing this business-led, expert-guided Global Framework to ensure that all multi-national organisations have the direction and guidance they need continue this journey. Now is the time to act,” said Jaman.

The Framework incorporates years of workplace mental health experience from across the CMHA membership, and has also been informed by mental health experts, academic research and workplace reports.

The Global Thriving at Work Framework is designed to be used by organisations that are seeking to develop global mental health and wellbeing approaches, or it can also be used as a baseline for the development of programmes of work in countries and/or cities that are just starting their journey.

The Framework does not replace the existing UK or HK Thriving at Work Guides, which are more detailed and have been tailored to those particular regions, but it does align with them. It includes a simple means of self-assessment that will allow businesses to measure their progress against the three pillars, to help them further embed change.

Jaman said, “The development of this Framework shows the strength of the CMHA global community as its pool its knowledge, data and experience to create a unique guide.”

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The CMHA Thriving at Work program was developed and launched by the City Mental Health Alliance UK in 2018, in response to the recommendations in the 2017 Stevenson/Farmer's ‘Thriving at Work Review of Mental Health and Employers’. More information can be found on the CMHA website.

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