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A CMHAA/Thriving from the Start special event

Referred to as ‘the most extreme cyclist on earth,’ Jack pushes the boundary of what is humanly possible on a bike, exploring the limits of human physiology both physically and mentally.

A professional ultra-cyclist born in Perth Western Australia, Jack relocated to Girona, Spain in 2019. Jack holds multiple Guinness world records and fastest known times around the globe. He is an active and passionate advocate for mental health.

Diagnosed with Clinical Depression and an Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder at age 13, Jack spent his teen years living in a dark and at times lonely place, with a drug addiction at age 20 and time in a rehabilitation clinic before finding his love for the bike again.

Jack will be sharing his personal story, how he manages his mental health and how cycling helped him on his journey and the most extraordinary adventures.

Even if you’re not a cycling buff you will want to hear his inspiring story.

Hosted by Christopher Makol (Suncorp) and Jy Millis (KWM) from our Early in Career Committees, this event is part of raising awareness for Men’s Health Week.