CASE STUDY: Commonwealth Bank’s A Better Day Program


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Case Study

In these extraordinary times of change and uncertainty, we are all facing sudden and dramatic changes to our daily lives. Recognising that this can often be unsettling or even stressful at times, the Commonwealth Bank’s (CBA) ‘A Better Day’ was designed to support employees to better identify, respond, and mitigate life’s stressors.

Our challenge

Critical to the success of A Better Day, is the ability to provide a tailored solution to close to 50,000 employees based at over 1,400 locations across the globe. Recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to managing wellbeing, to personalise an employee’s A Better Day journey, a short questionnaire must be completed first. Then, drawing on the knowledge from experts in a number of different fields, tailored solutions are provided to the employee via a personalised dashboard based on their responses to the questionnaire. Even for those feeling great, A Better Day can enhance the skills, awareness and understanding to stay that way.

Another key challenge is ensuring A Better Day provides holistic solutions in addressing mental health and wellbeing. From mindfulness practices, dietary guidance, best practice sleep techniques, to how to cope with change; the Program is designed to address the many interdependent parts that effect and contribute to an individual’s mental wellbeing.

A Better Day is also accessible 24/7 to CBA employees to ensure key resources can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The Program questionnaire can also be retaken at any point to reflect the employee’s most current circumstances.