FACTSHEET: Navigating the Ageing Care Journey: Support for Employees


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Caring for ageing family members presents a substantial societal and economic challenge. According to a 2020 report by Carers Australia, approximately 2.65 million Australians were providing unpaid care to family members or friends, with a significant portion of these caregivers tending to elderly relatives.

In our Leading Mentally Healthy Workplaces Survey 2023 we found that 25% of respondents cited carer responsibilities (children, elderly relatives, people with disabilities) as a personal source of stress outside of their professional roles. While employers have made strides in aiding employees with childcare responsibilities, there is a pressing need for further initiatives geared toward supporting the older, primarily female employees (60% of Australia’s carers are female) who shoulder the responsibility of caring for elderly relatives. Arranging appropriate care for ageing parents or other elderly family members can be a multifaceted, time-consuming, and emotionally taxing process for many carer-employees. This information sheet offers valuable insights for employees who may find themselves navigating the intricate journey of aged care.

FACTSHEET: Navigating the Ageing Care Journey: Support for Employees

Thank you to Care & Living with Mercer for assisting in the compilation of this factsheet.